WSU Awards

Academic scholarships

WSU Vancouver Scholarship

WSU Vancouver students are encouraged to complete the WSU Vancouver Scholarship application that includes over 80 scholarships for only WSU Vancouver students.

Application information available here.

University-wide scholarships

In addition, students attending the Vancouver campus are also eligible for University-wide scholarships administered by the Pullman campus, which have a January 31 deadline. The 2014/15 university-wide scholarship application is now closed. The 2015/16 university wide scholarship will open in August 2014.

Regents Scholars Programs

Students nominated by their high schools for the Regents Scholars Programs are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at the Vancouver campus for additional information about this program at our campus.

Community College President's Award

This program recognizes transfer students by acknowledging their accomplishments and offering opportunities for significant support toward their college education at Washington State University Vancouver.

Learn more about the Community College President's Award.

Admissions awarded scholarships

Vancouver Academic Achievement Award

$4,000 awards for Washington high school students demonstrating academic excellence. A limited number of Vancouver Academic Achievement Awards are given to qualified students with completed admission application materials by the priority deadline of January 31.

Learn more about the Vancouver Academic Achievment Award

If your gpa and/or test scores improve over the course of your senior year, call to see if the VAA Award is still available.

Vancouver Non-resident Academic Achievement Award

Recognizes exceptional out-of-state incoming freshmen and transfer students with scholarships of up to $25,000.

Learn more about the Vancouver Non-resident Academic Achievment Award

Transfer Achievement Award

Recognizes exceptional incoming Washington transfer students with scholarships of up to $6,000 over three years.

Learn more about the Transfer Achievment Award

International academic and admission scholarships

International awards

Six different international award programs are available to international students. Click here to learn more about International Awards.