WSU Vancouver Scholarship

WSU Vancouver students are encouraged to complete the WSU Vancouver Scholarship application that includes over 80 scholarships for only WSU Vancouver students.

The deadline for the 2014-15 WSU Vancouver Scholarship application has passed. Applications for the 2015-16 WSU Vancouver Scholarship will open in November.

Please review the Application tips & information below before beginning the scholarship application.

Application tips & information

Compose your essay in Word

We strongly recommend you compose your essay in a Word document (or other text editor). Once your essay is complete (and preferably 'Saved'), select (highlight) the text of your essay, copy it, and paste your essay into the online scholarship application form for submission.

These steps are highly recommended as a precaution against the potential loss of your essay in the event of the application submission form not working properly.

Application submission problems

If you are having trouble submitting your Vancouver Scholarship application, please contact the Student Services Cougar Center for help.

Alternative application option

If you are still finding yourself unable to submit your Vancouver Scholarship application via the online application form, please contact Kim McDougall at for a printable PDF document version.