Marquee Diversity Events

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Check back here for information about upcoming Marquee Diversity events. Prior speakers and events.


Marquee Diversity Events (MDE) bring 1-2 nationally recognized speakers/performers to campus each year. The events serve to bring issues of diversity, social justice and multiculturalism to our community. Speakers/Performers are chosen by a committee that includes students, staff, and faculty.


  1. Select programming that raises cultural and diversity awareness and/or confronts discrimination
  2. Emphasize student leadership and student experience in process of selecting speaker and coordinating event
  3. Achieve a diverse audience

Past speakers/events

Nikki Giovanni Winona LaDuke
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai Jennifer Jako 9 Parts of Desire
Step Afrika Bil and Joe David Cole


*Download an audio or video podcast of these lectures by visiting WSU Vancouver's iTunes U site.


Are you interested in bringing diversity related speakers or performers to campus? Interested in gaining skills in event planning? Contact Bola at or 360-546-9568.