ASWSUV Student Government

ASWSUV, the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver, is the voice of the students. The elected and appointed student leaders represent you, the student.

ASWSUV advocates for student interests and needs to campus administrators and state representatives; plans activities and events for students, and provides leadership opportunities for interested students.

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What is ASWSUV?

The Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver (ASWSUV) is the official student association for all registered students attending WSU Vancouver. The association is led by elected student leaders in both the executive branch and the legislative branch of student government. These elected and appointed leaders initiate and coordinate student activities to represent student interests, needs, and welfare within the University community at large on issues affecting student life; and to supplement and complement formal education on the University campus.

What does ASWSUV do?

ASWSUV works towards two main goals: to create an engaging student life on campus, and to represent and advocate for student needs both within and outside of the WSU System. To achieve the first goal, ASWSUV organizes student events both on and off campus, provides tickets to local performances, works to resolve student issues, and provides funding to clubs and organizations. In an effort to meet the second goal, ASWSUV represents student needs to an all campus Student Government Council, to the President of the University, and to local and state legislatures. ASWSUV lobbies on behalf of student interests, always working to protect students' rights. ASWSUV's budget is funded by S&A fees.

ASWSUV consists of three branches

Legislative branch:

Senate: The ASWSUV Senate consists of 11 senators, elected in the spring of each year to serve for the following year. Their responsibilities include: adopting and amending the ASWSUV budget, confirming all presidential appointments, approving all funding requests through ASWSUV, and acting as advocates for student needs. Senators are required to hold bi-monthly senate meetings and to post and maintain three office hours per week.

Judicial branch:

The ASWSUV Judicial Board is composed of three members who are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Members serve for as long as they are continuously enrolled at WSU Vancouver. The Judicial Board adjudicates disputes involving the interpretation and application of the ASWSUV By-Laws and Constitution and By-laws.

Executive branch:

The ASWSUV Executive Branch is composed of the President and Vice President, elected by the student body, and a staff hired by the President and Vice President. The Executive Staff consists of the Director of Legislative Affairs, Activities Director, Leadership Development Director, Public Relations Director, Information Technology Assistant, Event Assistant, and a Student Activities Board.

President: Serves on campus and ASWSUV committees, maintains healthy relationships with the Chancellor, ASWSUV advisors, and student body presidents at the other WSU campuses; develops a strategic master plan for the year, authorizes budget expenses, organizes the weekly executive staff meetings, and oversees and evaluates the executive staff members. The president is required to post and maintain an average of 20 office hours per week.

Vice President: Serves on campus and ASWSUV committees, manages the ASWSUV Senate, organizes and chairs the bi-monthly senate meetings, coordinates legislation with the President and Senators, and assists the President with Executive duties. The vice president is required to post and maintain an average of 20 office hours per week.

The executive staff fulfill the duties of their specific positions while also acting on behalf of the ASWSUV President to carry out his/her goals for the term in office. Executive staff are required to post and maintain office hours according to the ASWSUV By-laws.

General Election

The General Election is held annually on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before Spring Break of the academic year. The purpose of the General Election is:

  • To elect the ASWSUV president and vice president for the following year.
  • To elect the members of the ASWSUV senate for the following year.
  • To vote on any ballot issues which may be proposed to the membership of ASWSUV.

ASWSUV committees

ASWSUV committees address specific topics of interest to the student body and extend the opportunities for students to be involved in student government. Chairs are appointed by the ASWSUV president and confirmed by the senate and may receive a modest stipend.