Successful student organizations, student leaders and student employees are those who are able to organize, plan and execute their goals. OSI supports the efforts and we work to assist you in your endeavors. Utilize the following forms and resources to complete tasks, strive for better results and to help your organization be the best it can be.

How to travel

Contact the Office of Student Involvement for the procedures related official organization or department travel. funds. Information on timelines, signature authority and associated paperwork are available.

Professionalism in student leadership & employment

It is important for individuals to begin working toward professionalism, and to build the skills necessary to succeed now and in the future. OSI subscribes to 9 areas of professionalism - for all student leaders, members and our hired staff. This document is a helpful tool for training and setting expectations.

Campus resources for student leadership

Use this list to connect with individuals or departments who can assist in the success of your organization. Utilize these resources to plan events, development your team and enhance your organization.

Facilities use policy

All campus users are responsible for following the Fac Use policy. The policy governs: space reservation, advertising policies, fundraising on campus, etc.

Documents to complete new hire paperwork