Alternative print services

This guide will cover alternative print accommodations and other useful information.

How to request alternative print

Step 1: Apply for accommodations

First time users only.

Step 2: Log into MyAccess and sign E-Forms

Review forms carefully as policies or procedures may have changed.

Step 3: Request accommodations

Select the "E-Text" checkbox under each course for which you are requesting this accommodation.

Step 4: Select your alternative print preference

  • Select “Alternative Formats” from the "My Accommodations" section of the navigation menu.
  • Select your alternative format preference from the drop-down selection menu. (e.g. PDF, plain text/Word, MP3)

Step 5: Submit receipts

  • Scan your textbook receipt or take a picture and upload it to your computer.
  • Select “Alternative Formats” from the "My Accommodations" section of the navigation menu.
  • Under “Upload Book Receipts,” select your receipt image file by using the “Browse...” button.
  • Indicate course(s) the receipt is for by selecting all applicable checkboxes.

Step 6: Submit syllabi

  • Save your syllabi to your computer. If the syllabus is only available online, copy and paste its contents into a Word document.
  • Select “Course Syllabus” from the "My Accommodations" section of the navigation menu.
  • Use the “Class” drop-down selection menu to choose a course.
  • Enter the course name into the required "Title" field.
  • Use the “Browse...” button to select the syllabus file from your computer.
  • Select “Upload Syllabus.”

Request processing timeline

Requests are prioritized in the order they are received. Staff give priority to conversion of materials that are listed as “REQUIRED” by the instructor (this may also include video transcription and articles).

Students must notify Access Center staff about any video transcription or article conversion that is required for the semester. Other supplementary texts must be specifically requested by students and will be converted as soon as possible after priority requests are complete.

When materials have been converted and are ready for student pick up, Access Center staff will send the student an email notification.


  • Submit request as soon as possible after registering for courses.
    • Priority deadline for fall requests: June 1
    • Priority deadline for spring requests: Dec. 1
  • If you submit your request after these deadlines, we cannot guarantee that your materials will be converted by the start of the semester.
  • Access Center staff will acquire text files from publishers and distributors. This often takes four to six weeks.
  • Once Access Center staff has acquired text files, we do our best to convert materials within four weeks.
  • As the semester draws nearer, submit your receipt(s) and course syllabi.
  • You will receive your converted material only after you have submitted an Alternative Print Agreement, receipts and course syllabi.
  • Email if you have any questions or concerns.