Grievance procedures

Grievance policy

Students registered with the WSU Vancouver Access Center who believe they have been adversely impacted by Access Center staff, policies or procedures, or who believed that an assigned accommodation is not being appropriately provided, should first contact the Access Center. If the student is not satisfied, s/he has a right to file a formal grievance. This complaint should be made as soon as possible after the action that triggers concern, and the complaint will be resolved based on timelines stated in the procedures below.


1. Students should present their concerns in writing to the WSU Vancouver manager of the Access Center. The grievance should contain the following elements.

  • Specifics of the concern, including the student’s rationale for filing the grievance
  • History of the issue, including steps the student has taken to date
  • Individuals against whom the concern is being filed
  • Requested resolution to the concern
  • Contact information for the student

If the grievance relates to accommodations granted or not granted to a student, accommodations will not be adjusted until the manager of the Access Center has reached a decision. The manager of the Access Center will investigate and respond to the student within two weeks.

Eric W. Scott, M.S.
Director for Student Development


2. Once a formal decision has been made and the student is informed, the student may appeal to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Enrollment within 20 business days of the manager’s response. The Access Center will provide the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Enrollment with the grievance documents submitted by the students. Only facts already in evidence will be considered.

Domanic Thomas
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Enrollment

Student Services Center

Washington State University Vancouver students who believe they have been discriminated against due to a disability may pursue a formal grievance/complaint through WSU’s Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Investigation.

Students may also pursue a complaint/grievance with the Office of Civil Rights within the U.S. Department of Education.

Office for Civil Rights, Seattle Office
U.S. Department of Education

915 Second Avenue, Room 3310
Seattle, WA 98174-1099
206-607-1600 (phone)
206-607-1601 (fax)