Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities are a group of neurologically based difficulties that negatively impact a student’s ability to demonstrate specific academic skills. In the educational setting, these disabilities may interfere with speaking, listening, reading, writing, spelling or computation. Such difficulties are not a reflection on a student’s overall intellectual ability.

Ask your health care providers to submit the following information to the Access Center. As an alternative, you may provide them with the Provider Verification Form (PDF).

Documentation should include:

  • A DSM-V or ICD diagnosis of a learning disability and/or clinically significant results as demonstrated in psycho-educational test scores.
    • If psycho-educational testing is included, it should be performed at the adult level. However, child level testing performed within two years of submission will also be considered.
  • A description of the current impact/limitations of the disability, with specific focus on barriers to the educational environment.

Documentation should be from a qualified healthcare provider.

Documentation requirements