MyAccess overview

This guide will cover logging into MyAccess, signing E-forms, requesting approved accommodations, notifying faculty, navigating MyAccess, frequently asked questions and other information.

Log into MyAccess and sign E-Forms

Log into your MyAccess Student Portal. You will be brought to the standard WSU login screen. Enter your WSU Network ID and password and select “Login.”

MyAccess Login

Sign E-Forms

24 hours after you have been approved for accommodations, and at the start of each semester after you have been approved, you will be required to electronically sign your E-Form Agreements.

After logging into MyAccess, the first thing that will appear each semester will be any required forms you need to review and sign. Examples include:

  • Course Content and Materials Usage Agreement
  • Students Responsibilities Regarding Proctored Exams Agreement
  • Alternative Print Agreement

Review and sign each agreement

To review an agreement:

Select the agreement title. All applicable forms will expand.

To sign an agreement:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page. There will be a text box labeled “Signature” and a note stating, “Please sign exactly as (Your Name).”
  2. Type your name as it is given and select “Submit Form.”

Please review each agreement carefully and contact the Access Center Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is now available to you. It contains a navigation bar linking to Important Messages, Your To-do List and Your Course Schedule. (These links will not work until all agreement forms have been signed.)

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Request accommodations

After signing your E-Form Agreements each semester, you will need to request accommodations. This will always be your first step to putting accommodations in place. You will use these same steps to renew your accommodations each semester.

Select classes

  1. Under the “My Accommodations” section of your dashboard, select "List Accommodations."
  2. Navigate to the box labeled “Step 1: Select Classes.”
  3. Select the checkbox next to each course listed for which you require accommodations.

Keep in mind that it may take 48 hours for added/dropped courses to be reflected in MyAccess.

Customize your accommodations

1. Select the button labeled “Step 2 – Continue to Customize your Accommodations.”

2. Review your course accommodations.

Each of your selected courses will be displayed with additional information such as instructor, day and time of course meeting, date ranges that the course is in session and the location it is registered to take place.

  • If you selected a course in error, or the information given is inaccurate, select the checkbox labeled: “Select the check box if you have entered the wrong CRN. You will not be required to specify your accommodations for this class.”
  • If the selected course lists STAFF as the instructor, please contact the Access Center at and provide the correct name and email address.

A box labeled “Select Accommodation(s) for (Course Name)” will display below each course listing your accommodations.

3. Select the checkbox next to each approved accommodation you will require for each of your courses.

Submit your accommodation requests

Once ready, select the button at the bottom of the page titled “Submit your accommodation requests.”

  • If you are not ready to submit your requests or need to contact the Access Center Coordinator regarding an inaccurate course listing, select the button “Back to Overview” to cancel this process.

If you add a class after submitting accommodation requests, you will need to repeat this process of selecting your accommodations for the new class.

Your Dashboard

Once your accommodation requests are submitted, you will be brought back to your dashboard with a notice at the top of the page indicating “System update is successful.”

  • If you do not find this notice, attempt to request your accommodations again or contact the Access Center Coordinator for assistance.

From your dashboard, navigate to your course schedule to confirm that you have submitted requests for all intended courses. Your request status will either say “Approved” or “Processing.”

  • If your request does not say “Approved” within one business day of your request, please check your WSU email account or email the Access Center Coordinator, as they may need additional information from you.

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Notify faculty

24 – 48 hours after your request has been approved, the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) will automatically be emailed to your faculty indicating who you are, the accommodations you have been approved for and information on how they are to proceed.

Once the FNL has been sent, you are encouraged to discuss the specifics of your accommodations with your instructor. Failure to do so may result in delays or an inability to provide accommodations.

Faculty do not have the right to ask students the specifics of their disability. However, if students choose to disclose their disability, this information should be treated confidentially.

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Navigate MyAccess

Once you have logged into your MyAccess student portal, you will find a navigation menu with two sections. The first section is titled “Home” and the second is titled “My Accommodations.”


My Accommodations


My Dashboard

You can select “My Dashboard,” the first link in the “Home” section, to navigate back to the main page at any time.

From your dashboard, you can find all upcoming appointments, dates you will need to check in with the Access Center Coordinator (if applicable) and any notes from our office. You will also have a quick links navigation bar that we will go over in more detail a little later.

Your dashboard includes a section titled “Important Messages.” Here you can find your “To-Do list,” which will inform you of the next steps for your accommodations, as well as any other important information you may need for the semester.

My Profile

The link directly below “My Dashboard” is “My Profile.” This is synchronized with your myWSU account.

Be careful; anything you change in here will be overwritten each night. Changes should be made directly within myWSU.

Equipment Checked Out

The next link down is labeled “Equipment Checked Out,” which will give you a quick summary of any equipment you are currently borrowing from our office. (e.g. Smartpen) and when it is due back to us.

This section also lists campus-specific contact information for questions about your equipment.

My Mailbox (Sent-E-Mails)

The last link in the “Home” portion of the quick links is labeled “My Mailbox (Sent E-Mails).” Here, all emails that have been sent to you through MyAccess are listed. You can always open and review the content of each email by selecting the link following the subject title, labeled “view.”

My Accommodations

My Eligibility

The first link in the “My Accommodations” section is titled “My Eligibility.” Here you can review all approved accommodations, as well as any notes the Access Center Coordinator has written for proctoring staff or faculty.

The accommodations listed may be broken out by the different types. This may include alternative testing, classroom accommodations, notetaking services, general or alternative formats.

List Accommodations

Next is the quick link titled “List Accommodations.” Here you can review all courses for which you have selected accommodations, as well as a summary of approved accommodations, the date you selected each and the date your faculty received the email notification.

Course Syllabus

The next quick link in the “My Accommodations” section is titled “Course Syllabus.” Here you can download copies of any and all syllabi that have been provided by your instructors. Select the “view” link following each listed course and the syllabus will automatically begin downloading.

Please keep in mind that your faculty may have updated the syllabus since submitting it to MyAccess. Please check Blackboard or your WSU email account if you feel the syllabus is no longer accurate. Additionally, instructors are not required to upload syllabi. If this is the case, you may not have anything to view at this link.


For assistance and information, please review the following tutorials:

My Documents

My Documents” will list any applicable documents your advisor has activated for you. Each document includes a “Print” link that you can select to download, review and print your documents.

My E-Form Agreements

To review all signed E-forms, select the “My E-Form Agreements” link, the last quick link in the “My Accommodations” section. Please review only the most recent documents as our procedures may change over time.

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Frequently asked questions

When do my faculty get notified about my accommodations?

24 – 48 hours after you select your approved accommodations, the FNL will be emailed to your faculty. You will receive a copy of this email as well.

When can I begin requesting my accommodations?

24 hours after your first appointment with the Access Center Coordinator (new students) and two weeks before the upcoming semester (continuing students).

What if I add or drop a class?

Dropped classes will automatically be cancelled in MyAccess. If you add a class, you will need to request accommodations for this course, even if it is a different section of the same course.

What if I need to change my accommodations?

Contact the Access Center Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss new or alternative accommodations.

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