Notetaking services

This guide will cover requesting notetaking accommodations, confirming your request, downloading notes and other useful information.

Please note:

  • Be prudent in your notetaking requests and notify the Access Center right away if you determine a Notetaker is no longer needed.
  • If you have not previously been approved for notetaking, and your current accommodations are not enough to provide equal access to your lecture material, please contact the Access Center Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss options.
  • It frequently takes two to four weeks to find and hire a Notetaker, and in some cases the Access Center may not be able to locate a Notetaker at all. Please work with instructors for alternative or interim solutions. Make use of assistive technology and other notetaking tools to assist with access to your lecture in case we are unable to locate a Notetaker. You can also help us find a Notetaker by letting your peers know about our notetaking program and directing them to our website.
  • Don’t forget to rate your Notetaker. Towards the end of the semester, you will receive an email with detailed instructions requesting that you confirm services provided and rate the quality and consistency of your Notetaker. We rely on these ratings to help us identify the best Notetakers in the future.

How to request notetaking

Step 1: Apply for accommodations

First time users only.

Step 2: Log into MyAccess and sign E-Forms

Review forms carefully as policies or procedures may have changed.

Step 3: Request accommodations

Select the "Notetaking Services" checkbox under each course for which you are requesting this accommodation.

How to download notes

Step 1: Log into your My Access Portal

Step 2: Select the class you want to download notes for

Under the “My Accommodations” section of your dashboard, select "Notetaking Services."

Each class that has an assigned Notetaker will be listed. Choose the class you would like to review and select the corresponding “Available Notes for Download” link to reveal all available notes for this class.

Step 3: Download notes

Select the "Download Note" link next to the notes you wish to download. The notes will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Please note:

  • Once a Notetaker has been hired, you will receive an email letting you know that you will have access to all notes up to that point within 48 hours.
    • After that, you should receive an email each time a set of notes is uploaded.
  • If you do not receive notes within 48 hours of a Notetaker being assigned, or 24 hours after each subsequent lecture, notify the Access Center right away by emailing
  • Do not wait to review your notes. It is your responsibility to notify us if the notes you are receiving are not legible, timely or useful.

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I open my notes?

It is possible the file type is not supported by your computer or mobile device. Please contact the Access Center at for assistance.

It is really late in the semester, and I still do not have a Notetaker, what do I do?

We recommend working with your instructor early in the semester to determine appropriate interim supports, as it can take two to four weeks to locate and assign a Notetaker. You may also make use of assistive technology and other notetaking tools to assist with access to your lecture while we work to locate a Notetaker.

What if I add or drop a class?

Dropped classes will be automatically cancelled in MyAccess. If you add a class, you will need to request notetaking for this course, even if it is a different section of the same course.