Confirm your enrollment

To reserve a spot at the university, all newly admitted, degree-seeking undergraduates must pay a $200 non-refundable advance tuition deposit or qualify for a deposit deferral.

  • If you are Pell Grant eligible, a College Bound Scholarship student, or are experiencing financial hardship, you may qualify for a deposit deferral. A deposit deferral allows for the $200 to be charged with tuition, when financial aid can be applied. Contact your admissions counselor to learn more.
  • If you cancel or change your semester of enrollment, you forfeit your deposit (exceptions apply for military or medical reasons).
  • You must confirm your enrollment before you can register for classes. Confirm your enrollment well in advance—it may take three business days to process.

Before registering for classes:

  • As an undergraduate degree-seeking student, you will not be able to register until you meet with an academic coordinator to have your registration hold released.
  • Check on course availability for the semester you wish to enroll at

How to confirm your enrollment

  1. Log in to your myWSU account.

  2. From the applicant homepage, select the Admissions tile.

    Screenshot of Admissions tile in mywsu.

  3. Click the Accept button.

    Accept button.

    • Confirm that you accept.

      Yes button.

  4. Click the Pay Admissions Deposit button.

    Pay button.

    • Log in to Advance Pay with your student ID number and birthday (MMDD).

      Advance Payment screenshot.

  5. Then follow the instructions to hold your spot in the incoming class.