Financial responsibility

Students using an F-1 or J-1 visa

Along with your admission application, you need to submit the Certificate of Finances to demonstrate that you can meet your educational expenses. WSU Vancouver requires proof of your ability to pay for studies and living expenses. You need to show assured support for at least one full year of studies.

Certificate of Finances

Download the Certificate of Finances form below, fill in your information, save your changes and email the form to

Certificate of Finances (PDF)

Important details

  • If you are partly or totally supported by personal savings and/or parents’ savings, a bank letter with a bank official’s original signature and seal is required, and cannot be older than three months. The bank letter must accompany the Certificate of Finances to meet financial proof.
  • Name(s) listed on the bank verification must be in English and must match the name(s) on the Certificate of Finances. Do not send electronic copies, paper copies and/or faxes, as they will not be accepted as official.
  • If sponsored by a government, educational institution, or official agency, please submit an official letter reflecting that the scholarship is valid for use at Washington State University.
  • Your financial support may be provided by any combination of personal sources.