Student Care Network and Academic Alert System

When students are in distress, early intervention can make a big difference in outcomes.

Thank you for sharing information that will allow us to connect students with the resources they need.

At WSU Vancouver we use two methods to request assistance for students.

  1. The Student Care Network (former AWARE Network) should be used if you see a student who is in severe distress and you are concerned may cause harm to self or others.
  2. The Academic Alert System should be used if you see a student who is struggling academically and would benefit from additional support. Please read the descriptions of the two systems and then select the one you think is more appropriate.

Student Care Network

The Student Care Network is an online resource with an Student Care Referral Form that can be completed by anyone on campus who may have concerns about a particular student’s physical or mental health. The idea is to make it convenient and easy for the campus community to bring concerns about a student’s situation to the attention of those who can help.

Student Care Network

Academic Alert System

The Academic Alert System is an online resource that lets you signal a student’s need for additional academic support in an effort to help them succeed. Early intervention is key to student success. At the first signs of struggle, complete the Academic Alert System Form, and the Academic Alert Response Team will contact the student to develop a plan to get them back on track. The plan may include meeting with a peer mentor, connecting with learning support, discussing enrollment options, etc.

The goal is to get the student back in your class, engaged in the content, and equipped to finish the semester well.

Academic Alert System Form