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Cynthia Johnston

Cynthia Johnston (She/Hers)

Lead Career Advisor

As a Career Counselor, I believe you already have the tools you need. My role is to give you the resources to capitalize on them and learn how to articulate your strengths and reach your goals. I can help with a range of questions, all from career and major exploration, resume editing to salary negotiation and beyond. It is never too early or too late to meet about career development. Just take action!

Samantha Meza

Samantha Meza (She/Hers)

Career Peer Educator

  • Education major

What do you think students should know about career development?
A career doesn't have to be a life-long commitment that you're stuck with for the rest of your life, it should be the next step to an even bigger and better position. But it should be an environment in which you can grow, learn, and be fulfilled. That is, whatever you see as fulfillment.

Libby Skalisky

Libby Skalisky (She/Hers)

Career Peer Educator

  • English major
  • Human Development minor

What do you think students should know about career development?
Career development means more to me than I thought it would, after starting this job. I have never had a true vision of what I wanted for my own future in any professional field, yet beginning to help others find what they like or take action for themselves is incredibly inspiring.

For students, I think they should start researching career early, which is very hard to do. A lot of people think they will easily narrow down their wants or choices when they are juniors or seniors, however a lot of people graduate without a plan in mind. Thinking about it once is better than never at all, so putting the time in is useful!

Bill Stahley

Bill Stahley (He/Him)

Employer Engagement Coordinator

As the Employer Engagement Coordinator, my goal is to make it easier for local businesses and organizations to connect with VanCougs who are seeking job opportunities, internships, and the information they need to form a solid career plan. This largely happens through the coordination of career fairs, networking events, information sessions, and classroom visits. I also meet with students to help them find jobs that interest them, and to create and improve their resumes and cover letters, so that they are successful in their job search. I truly believe that our region will be a better place as talented VanCougs become talented professionals in our community.