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Are you considering graduate school?

It is an important decision because graduate school can give you the additional education and experience to help you reach your goals, but it can also consume a large amount of time, energy, and financial resources. The Career Action Center is here to assist you with your graduate school decision making and application process. Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss whether graduate school is right for you, how to get started on selecting a graduate program, and have a personal statement or application reviewed. In addition, you can browse some of our links on this page.

Pro tip: Our faculty are excellent resources. Talk to your professors about their graduate school experiences, what your career could look like with that specific graduate degree, and what advice they may have. Faculty can share more specifics about their fields, as well as which graduate programs may be a good fit for you.


We have created a basic Graduate School Timeline of how you can best prepare and apply for graduate school throughout your undergraduate years. Please note that this information is applicable to pre-health applications, but you will need to accelerate the schedule by three to six months.

Our Graduate School Application Guide will help you understand the parts and pieces of the applications themselves. This guide will provide you with tips and suggestions about how to complete each piece and a list of additional resources.

Graduate School Timeline (PDF) Graduate School Application Guide (PDF)


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