Guide to professional correspondence

What is professional correspondence?

Any written interaction you have with a potential employer, whether electronic, printed, or hand-written, is an opportunity for you to make a positive or negative impression. It is also your chance to express your interest in a position or organization, offer the employer insight into who you are and what you have to offer, and to impress the employer with your communication skills.

There are a variety of ways in which you will correspond with potential employers. Here are some of the most common documents you may use:

  1. Cover Letter Writing Guide (PDF)
  2. Sample Cover Letters
  3. Thank You Letters (PDF)
  4. Sample Approach Letter (PDF)
  5. Professional References (PDF)

Review your message

Before sending a message or letter to a potential employer, be sure to consider the following:

Is your letter/message…

  • Focused, clear and concise
  • Well formatted
  • 100% honest
  • Proofread and peer reviewed
  • Revised and free of errors

Does your letter/message…

  • Communicate your interest and enthusiasm about the position and the organization
  • Offer insight into your relevant skills and experience
  • Explain why you are a fit for the position and address how you will be an asset to the organization
  • Represent your communication and writing skills well