Interviews provide space for a mutual exchange of information between candidates and employers and programs.

During an interview, candidates are able to help their interviewer(s) better understand who they are and what they can bring to their organization or program. Interviews also provide a space for candidates to learn more about the position/program they are applying for so they can assess personal ‘fit’ as well.

While interviews can be anxiety-provoking and nerve-racking, there are a number of ways candidates can build confidence and better prepare for interviews. By utilizing the Interviewing Skills Guide candidates will gain a better sense of how to prepare and practice for interviews so they can establish strong connections during the interviews and appropriately follow-up afterwards.

Interviewing Skills Guide (PDF)

Providing S.T.A.R. responses

During an interview, candidates should be prepared to share examples from their academic, internship and work experience. When providing examples and addressing behavioral interview questions, it is important to provide S.T.A.R. responses that are comprised of:

  • SSituation: Describe the situation; provide the interviewer with context
  • TTask: Help the interviewer understand the task at hand
  • AAction(s): Describe the specific action(s) you took within the situation
  • RResult(s): Share the outcome and the result(s) of your action(s)

Whether the example and results are positive or not so positive, it is important to help the interviewer understand what you learned from each situation and how you would do things differently in the future.

To practice providing S.T.A.R. responses and addressing behavioral interview questions take a look at the Sample Interview Questions handout and the STAR Interviewing Practice Sheet.

Sample Interview Questions (PDF) STAR Interviewing Practice Sheet (PDF)

Addressing inappropriate interview questions

Do I really have to answer that? Learn how to address inappropriate interview questions.

Addressing Inappropriate Interview Questions (PDF)

Hoping to practice interviewing?

Mock interviews are one of the many services we provide to current students and recent alumni (within two years of graduation) through Career Services. During a mock interview, you will have the opportunity to spend approximately 30 minutes answering 10 to 15 interview questions before spending another 30 minutes discussing your responses and ways in which you can strengthen your interviewing skills. If you are interested in signing up for a mock interview, please stop by the Student Resource Center or give us a call at 360-546-9155.

Pre-health student?

If you are pre-health student interested in participating in a mock interview to help you prepare for a professional health program interview, please consider taking signing up for a panel interview through the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center.