New Coug Learning Communities

New Coug Learning Communities are a place for students to explore academic areas, build a foundation for your future career, and broaden your college experience.

These learning communities bring groups of students who share similar majors and interests together. Each learning community is led by a Success Coach and a trained New Coug Learning Community Student Leader. These leaders provide individualized support services to help students achieve success beyond the classroom. As part of the learning community, you will take two student-success courses taught by a Success Coach during your first year: a University 100-level course and a University 200-level course.

Class sizes are intentionally small to help the faculty, staff, and student leaders foster an active and engaged learning community.

Meet your Success Coaches

Shyanna Reyes-Chavanu

Shyanna Reyes-Chavanu

My name is Shyanna Reyes-Chavanu and I am a Student Success Coach. I am a first-generation student and a former WSUV student. I am gender fluid and identify as pansexual, and I use they/them/theirs pronouns. I am also a huge nerd! I love Dungeons & Dragons, comic/anime conventions and the Lord of the Rings movies.

My learning community consists of students interested in the following majors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Data Analytics.

You may be wondering what a learning community is and what it means for you. Basically, our learning community is you and other first-year students who are interested in majors. You and your fellow learning community peers will take two first-year courses together–one in the fall and another in the spring–and I will be the instructor for both. These courses will help you explore your academic goals, and get you started on your career journey. We will also have insightful conversations around race, culture and identity. I want us to be able to build a community that not only trusts each other, but also pushes us to think critically about the world we live in.

Again, I’m super excited to have you in my learning community and I can’t wait to get to know you. I truly want to make things fun and exciting for you all in the learning community. Let’s make our time together as awesome as it can be. Go VanCougs!

Bunpa Lim

Bunpa Lim

Hello! My name is Bunpa, and I am your New Coug Learning Community Success Coach. I graduated from Washington State University Pullman, and I have been working at Washington State University Vancouver for eight years as an Academic Advisor and Success Coach. I enjoy working with incoming first-year students and helping them find and grow in their passions. In my free time, I like to stay active playing sports (volleyball, table tennis, basketball, etc.), working out and spending time with family (that includes pets) and friends. I love all things 80’s, enjoy drawing and I value authenticity and genuineness.

In this learning community, you will meet other first-year students majoring in English, Psychology, Elementary Education, Strategic Communication, Social Sciences, and Human Development. Your first-year journey will begin with New Cougs Orientation followed by taking 100 and 200-level UNIV classes to learn more about yourself, each other, your career path and resources on campus. Think of UNIV classes as your supportive family away from home. Throughout our time together, we will build a community of support and trust through open dialogue.

I am looking forward to meeting you and having you in my learning community and UNIV classes. The theme of your first year at WSU Vancouver is Navigate, Discover and Become! Let’s begin this journey together!

Cindy Morical

Cindy Morical

Hi! My name is Cindy and I am looking forward to being your Success Coach. Our community consists of students interested in Anthropology, Digital Technology and Culture, History, Humanities, Public Affairs, Sociology, and those still exploring a variety of majors. Our time together will begin with New Coug Orientation, followed by two lower-level UNIV classes during your first year. This will be your go-to group and you’ll make connections here that will last a lifetime! We are all going to be learning together through a lens of race, identity, and culture. At the end of UNIV 104, you’ll have a memoir to showcase who you are, which will help you to connect your interests to your future goals.

I am a Coug through and through. I completed my undergraduate and graduate education at WSU and have been an educator my entire career. My professional journey has centered on K-12 and higher education, as a student of life, I am continuously learning and giving. I also love dance and I teach it outside of work. I find that teaching first-year college success courses along with my dance classes helps make me a better coach in both environments. Because of this connection, I believe you should always find the time for your passions, and I will encourage you to do so.

I feel fortunate to be a part of your journey here at WSU Vancouver. I can’t wait to get to know you and help you make strong connections with your peers and our campus!

Miwako Nakamoto

Hi there, and Konnichiwa! Welcome to WSU Vancouver! My name is Miwako 美和子 and I use she/they pronouns. Are you interested in Biology, Human Biology, Earth & Environmental Science or Neuroscience? Or are you considering professions in medicine? If you are, I am your first-year Success Coach and would like to welcome you to my New Coug Learning Community! In this community, you will meet fellow students with similar interests while enrolled in UNIV 104 and a subsequent career-themed class.

My work is centered around equity and inclusion. I am a first-generation college graduate, an English language learner, an only child, a dog owner, and a dance, music, and nature lover. I have been at WSU Vancouver since 2006 when we welcomed our first cohort of first-year students to our campus. While in college, I studied Sociology, Anthropology, Teaching ESL, and Clinical and Career Counseling.

I love working as a Success Coach because I get to meet new groups of students (like you!) every year. I like developing connections not only through advising, teaching, and career planning, but also through engaging in friendly conversations about food, pop culture, anime, animals, social issues, history… you name it!

As you begin your academic journey with us, we will explore co-curricular opportunities and new experiences together (e.g., clinical experience, job shadowing, classroom experience, and more) and plan what courses you will take in your first year. I can’t wait to meet you and share our stories!