Salt: financial literacy

Many students fail to understand the impact of their college loans until it’s too late. Get help now.

Join Salt, a FREE membership program provided by WSU and American Student Assistance that helps students and alumni navigate financing college, manage debt and build money skills for life. Salt empowers you to borrow wisely and think differently about your finances.

Salt offers:

  • Simple online tools to track and plan your student loans
  • Tips and guidance to help you make smart financial decisions
  • Help finding scholarships, internships and jobs
  • Deals and discounts that put more money in your pocket
  • Find out what you can do to manage your student loans

Salt is easy, confidential and tailored specifically to WSU students and alumni. Become a member of Salt for free.

Download the Salt money app.

To contact Salt:

Loan Counseling: 877-523-9473
Member Support: 855-469-2724
Twitter: @SALT_MONEY