Commencement day checklist and instructions for graduates

Bring to the Ceremony

  • Cap, tassel, yoke and gown
    • Do not lose your tassel in the parking lot
  • Graduate hood (if applicable)
  • Name card
    • Available at the amphitheater if you did not attend rehearsal
  • Undergraduate honor cord (if applicable)
    • Available at the amphitheater if you did not attend rehearsal


  • Arrive at noon at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater
  • If you did not attend rehearsal, pick up your name card and honor cord (if applicable)
  • Do not bring valuables to, or leave them in, the gathering areas
  • Master degree candidates review instructions on how to wear your hood
  • Follow instructions to the gathering areas and line up by degree
  • Family and friends are not allowed in the gathering areas
  • The first person in each degree group will carry the degree card
  • The procession will begin moving promptly at 12:45 p.m.

Diploma March

  • Follow directions of the marshals (in crimson gowns)
  • Doctoral degrees go first followed by Master’s then Bachelor’s degrees
  • Doctoral candidates review the hooding video before Commencement

Once you are in line to receive your diploma

  • A photo will be taken before you reach the ramp to the stage
  • Process up the ramp, stop at the marshal who will scan your name card, proceed to the first podium and hand your name card to the reader
  • Doctoral degree candidates will proceed to the hooding box to be hooded
  • Walk to the Chancellor to receive your diploma cover, then proceed to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and down the line
  • Proceed down the ramp
  • A photo with your diploma cover will be taken as you leave the stage. Marshals will assist you in returning to your seat.
  • Return to your seat


  • You will be cued to stand for the recessional
  • The individuals seated on the stage exit first
  • Marshals will release you row by row
  • Please keep moving until you have exited the building

Return your regalia

  • Return hood (if applicable), gown and yoke to Herff Jones by May 13, 2022. Keep your cap and tassel.