Current term withdrawal refund policy (Academic Regulation 70)

“Current term withdrawal” is defined as dropping or withdrawing from all WSU classes in a specific term—including WSU Online courses.

Tuition, operating, and student services and activities fees will be refunded in full, minus a 5% administrative fee, if you officially cancel your enrollment (withdraw from all WSU classes) prior to the sixth day of classes of the semester.

Fall 2023 refund schedule

If your enrollment for fall 2023 is officially withdrawn on or after August 28, 2023, the following adjustment will be made:

Refund adjustment schedule
Week Adjustment
Weeks 2 – 3 (Aug. 28 - Sept. 10) 80% adjustment
Week 4 (Sept. 11 - Sept. 17) 70% adjustment
Weeks 5 – 6 (Sept. 18 - Oct. 1) 60% adjustment
Week 7 – 8 (Oct. 2 - Oct. 15) 50% adjustment
Week 9 (Oct. 16 - Oct. 22) 40% adjustment
Week 10 and after (Oct. 23 and after) 0% adjustment

Days or weeks of class holidays or breaks do not count in this adjustment schedule.

An administrative fee of 5% of the assessed tuition and mandatory fees, or $100 (whichever is less), will be charged for any withdrawal after the semester begins. Other amounts you owe for benefits or services you received will also be charged.

Adjustments for students who receive financial aid will be computed on a modified schedule provided by the Federal Financial Aid Office.

Current term withdrawal

See information on how to withdraw your current-term enrollment.

Current term withdrawal

Summer session refunds

Summer session fees are refunded in full when you officially drop courses or withdraw your enrollment prior to the refund deadline dates (see Summer Session dates and deadlines). After the refund deadline for each course, no refund or credit for tuition is given for course withdrawals. Fees are adjusted for drops and adds during the refund period only. After the refund deadline, tuition cannot be transferred from the withdrawn course to an added course. Summer Session audit fees are refundable according to the published refund deadline dates. Faculty/Staff registration fees are non-refundable.