How to properly wear your master’s hood

Hood with features explained

  • Recruit a friend or family member to assist you!
  • Put on your gown first, then your hood, and finally your cap.
  • Before you put on the hood, make sure the button/cord on the back is unhooked.
  • With the tapered end in the front, place the hood over your head with the trim closest to your face.
  • Fasten the front cord around a button on your clothing to ensure your hood stays in place. If your clothing doesn’t have a button, you can attach to the zipper on your gown or safety pin it to your clothing.
  • In the back, just below the button/cord, flip the trim outwards so both the velvet and the silk are visible.
  • Secure the hood by fastening the cord around the button.
  • Please arrive at the ceremony already in your gown, hood and cap!

Hood features

  • Shell: The outer part of the hood, black to match the gown.
  • Trim: The velvet strip on the edge of the shell, indicates the degree earned (ie: Education: Light Blue, Nursing: Apricot, Engineering: Orange, etc…)
  • Front Cord: Sewn at the front center of the hood where the velvet meets the shell, keeps the hood away from the neck.
  • Button/Cord: Sewn midway up the lining where the lining meets the trim, helps keep the hood in place when worn.
  • Lining: The inside of the shell, crimson and gray to represent WSU.