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myWSU registration

You can complete most registration processes on the Web using myWSU. myWSU is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will need a network ID (NID) and password to register through myWSU.

How to add/register for/enroll in classes

Registration holds

Registration holds may be placed on student records by various WSU administrative offices. Students with one or more registration holds may be unable to register until holds are cleared. Holds, information about the hold, and contact information for each hold can be found in myWSU.

How to check for holds Registration hold contact information

Change of address

You are responsible for keeping your mailing and contact information up to date in myWSU.

How to update your contact information

Adds/drops/course withdrawals


Classes may be added using myWSU through the end of the first week of the fall or spring semester. After the first week, you must obtain the instructor's (or department designee's) approval to add a class. Any credits added that will increase the amount of tuition due (e.g., part-time fees, fees over 18 credits) must be paid for at the time the credits are added. Failure to pay for additional credits at the time they are added may result in late payment fees.

How to add/register for/enroll in classes


Classes may be dropped using myWSU through the 30th day of the fall or spring semester.

How to drop (remove) a class


After the drop deadline (30th day) and through the 13th week of the fall or spring term, an undergraduate or professional student may withdraw from a course with a grade of "W" using myWSU (see Academic Rule 68).

Once four withdrawals have been used (not counting full term withdrawals), no further withdrawals will be allowed.

You may, in exceptional circumstances, submit a petition through the Registrar's Office for an exception to the withdrawal limit (see Academic Rule 57). The petition for withdraw limit exception must be filed by the end of the semester in which the course was taken.

Graduate students who wish to request a course withdrawal after 30th day must do so through the Graduate School.

Note: Add/Drop/Withdrawal deadlines are different for summer sessions.

Current Term Withdrawal

You may drop all courses, via myWSU, before the first day of classes each term without incurring tuition charges. However, once the term begins, if you wish to withdraw from all courses for a specific term you must cancel your enrollment. To cancel enrollment, go to Term Withdrawl, for instructions. If you stop attending classes, but do not officially cancel enrollment, you will continue to be charged tuition/fees.

For information regarding the refund of tuition and fees, please refer to Current term withdrawal refund policy (Academic Regulation 70).

Auditing courses

An auditor is a class visitor permitted on a space-available basis to observe class discussions but not take examinations or consume the instructor's time. Attendance in class beyond three visits requires official instructor approval and enrollment. Students wishing to audit or to change their enrollment status from credit to audit must submit the Enrollment Change Form before the end of the second week of instruction.

A maximum of two audits are allowed for any semester or term. A registration fee per audit hour is charged for any term for other than regularly enrolled full-fee-paying students. Senior citizens are exempt from this fee under the provisions of RCW 28B.15.540, provided the prescribed eligibility requirements are met. Personnel who have received authorization for the faculty/staff fee waiver are exempt from the audit fee up to 6 hours (including audits) in any one semester or 4 hours (including audits) in the summer session. Said limitation includes any combination of credit and audit hours. The audit fee is non-refundable.

No university credit will be allowed for auditing courses, nor may students apply for or take special examinations for university credit in courses which they have audited. Students may not take challenge examinations (see Academic Rule 15c) in courses they have audited. Audit enrollments will be recorded on the student's permanent record by listing the departmental prefix, course number and the statement, "Audit Only – No Credit Given."

Late registration

If your initial registration for a semester is on or after the first day of classes, you will be assessed a late registration fee. This fee does not apply if you register prior to the start of term and then add/drop courses after the first day. Registration after the first week of the term requires department approval.

Pass-fail option

Selection of the pass/fail grading option cannot be accomplished using myWSU. Students who want to take a course pass/fail should contact their academic advisor for assistance. The deadline for selecting the pass/fail grading option is the end of the third week of the fall or spring semester. No courses designated as meeting University Common Requirements (UCOREs) may be taken pass/fail by any undergraduate.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar lists the specific dates that apply to all registration deadlines. Be sure to select Vancouver and the appropriate term (Fall, Spring, Summer) in the drop-down menus.

Academic Calendar