Second bachelor's degree process

Scenario one:

Current Graduating Student (pursuing 2nd degree after term graduation)

  1. Advisor submits Student Program Plan Action Form to add non-certified or certified 2nd degree.
  2. Registrar’s Office adds the new degree.
  3. Graduations Office will change the program to post-bacc when first degree posts.

Scenario two:

New Student (brand new or has been away two terms and had to reapply; student already has first degree)

  1. Advisor submits Post-Baccalaureate Student Admit to Major Form.
  2. Registrar’s Office updates program.

Important note

Students seeking financial aid must complete two forms in order to be considered for scholarships and loans as a post-baccalaureate student. First, the FAFSA application must be completed at If asked to submit a post-baccalaureate verification form (5-B), they would log into Contact Student Financial Services for more information.