Accessing services

The Access Center provides services and accommodations for eligible WSU Vancouver students with disabilities, psychological or medical conditions, or temporary injuries that limit their access to the educational environment. The services and accommodations we provide include alternative print media, adaptive furniture, note taking, and testing services (e.g., reduced distraction testing environment, extended time, etc.). To receive accommodations through the Access Center, you must submit documentation verifying the presence of a limiting condition and meet with the Access Center coordinator to determine what accommodations will be most helpful for you.

If you received accommodations at your previous school, you may wish to work with your previous disability specialist to assemble a package of your documentation and accommodations. You may include Individualized Education Plans, 504 plans or other documentation that verifies the presence of a limiting condition. You’re encouraged to submit this package to the Access Center for review before you meet with the coordinator, because it will be helpful in determining your current accommodation needs.

While the Access Center cannot provide assessment or evaluation to determine the presence or current status of a qualifying condition or disability, we can direct you to providers who do. Once you have your documentation, you may bring it to us for evaluation.

If you are a new, incoming WSU Vancouver student with a disability and would like to find out if you are eligible to receive accommodations for your writing or math placement tests, please contact us at 360-546-9238 or

We look forward to working with you!