Adaptive furniture

Adaptive furniture is designed to maintain or create a classroom environment that is appropriate to a student’s needs. The Access Center relies on the cooperation of the student, faculty and Facilities Operations to ensure that furniture is available to qualified students with disabilities.

Request timeline

  • If you are approved for adaptive furniture and furniture is already in the Access Center inventory, it will be in place as soon as possible or within the first two weeks of the term.
  • If furniture is not in the Access Center inventory, it may take up to six weeks from the time services are approved to put the furniture in place.

Faculty responsibilities and steps

  • Faculty will sign the Access Center Letter of Accommodation (LOA) form you provide and maintain confidentiality of your accommodations and identity.
  • To create a classroom environment appropriate to the student’s needs, faculty will advocate for you if another student in the course should begin to use the furniture placed specifically for you. Faculty must ensure that special furniture placed in the classroom to accommodate a student with a disability is not removed or relocated.