Alternative print

The Access Center provides textbooks and other academic print materials to eligible students in accessible formats. Accessible formats include, but are not limited to, audio books, text (Word doc.), mp3 and enlarged print. Materials are obtained through Learning Ally, the publisher and often the student’s copy of the text.

Additional responsibilities

Materials that are listed as “REQUIRED” by the instructor (including video transcription and articles) will receive priority. You must notify Access Center staff about any video transcription or article conversion required for the semester. You must specifically request other supplementary text, and it will be converted as soon as possible after priority requests are complete.

If you make schedule changes that impact alternative print requests, you must contact the Access Center immediately so that appropriate requests can be processed. If you drop or add a course, contact Access Center.

You also need to provide a current course syllabus identifying required readings as well as a timeline. Because of copyright restrictions, you must purchase a copy of all required texts and provide a receipt to the Access Center before any materials can be converted.

If the Access Center does not already have the requested textbook in archives, the text will be obtained from a publishing house. It often takes take a publishing house four to six weeks to process a request; in such cases you may be asked to drop off your copy of the text to the Access Center to begin the conversion process in the meantime. In some cases, to provide a converted copy of the text, Access Center must remove the spine of the book, run it through a high-speed scanner and rebind it with a plastic spiral.

You will be notified by email when materials have been converted and are ready for pick up.

Request timeline

  • Submit your request as soon as possible after registering for courses for a new semester.
  • PRIORITY DATE FOR FALL REQUESTS: submit no later than June 1.
  • PRIORITY DATE FOR SPRING REQUESTS: submit no later than Dec. 1.
  • The conversion of text will be completed within or as close to four weeks from the date the request is complete and the text becomes available.
  • For texts that are requested through a publisher, this conversion timeline is four weeks after the Access Center receives the text from the publisher.
  • Alternative print requests will be considered complete when:
    • You have submitted an Alternative Print Semester Needs form.
    • You have provided receipts.
    • You have provided course syllabus for each course that will require alternative print.

Faculty responsibilities and steps

  • Faculty will sign the Letter of Accommodation (LOA) form you provide and maintain confidentiality of your accommodations and identity.
  • When you require transcription or conversion of materials provided for the class, faculty will provide such materials, such as videos and articles, to the Access Center.