Alternative testing

The Access Center is committed to providing fair and appropriate testing accommodations. This may include, but is not limited to, a quiet location, extended time to complete a test, use of a computer, a distraction-reduced environment, special formatting or conversion, and reading and/or scribing.

Request timeline

To receive alternative testing accommodations, eligible students must meet with the Testing Services Assistant each semester, within the first three weeks of the new semester, and must provide a syllabus for each class in which testing accommodations will be needed.

Additionally, to continue to receive alternative testing accommodations, you must complete following steps:

  • Renew your registration with the Access Center at the start of each semester.
  • Following renewal, pick up your Letter of Accommodations (LOA) from the Access Center.
  • Provide the LOA to instructors and obtain their signatures verifying notification of accommodation.
  • After collecting all signatures, return the signed portion to the Access Center.
  • Work with your instructor and be clear as to which quizzes or exams will be proctored outside of the designated class.
  • Sign an Academic Integrity Agreement. Anyone found to be cheating on exams proctored at the Access Center will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action and may lose the right to test in Access Center facilities.

For students who do not comply with this timeline, testing will be scheduled when possible and as resources allow.

Faculty responsibilities and steps

The Access Center facilitates testing services for students and faculty by request. Faculty may also provide testing accommodations in the classroom or office; however, if accommodations are provided in departments, they must include all accommodations as outlined on the Access Center Letter of Accommodation (LOA).

Note: To ensure accessibility, the Access Center must receive exams 48 hours in advance. For exams that need to be converted to an alternative print format, we must receive tests one week in advance.

  • Instructors must sign a completed an Access Center Letter of Accommodation (LOA), to indicate awareness of the accommodations.
  • Faculty will confirm the testing schedule as set by the Access Center and the student.
  • Faculty will use the Alternative Testing Confirmation Form and include any important information regarding exams.
  • Expect an email reminder from approximately three days before each test/quiz. Then submit an Alternative Testing Confirmation Form and include any important information regarding exams.
  • Submit testing materials to the Access Center 48 hours before each test to Although email is preferable, faculty may deliver the materials to the Student Wellness Center.
  • Faculty must communicate with Access Center staff regarding any changes to testing schedules or testing requirements but must do so in advance of the exam.