AWARE Network

Vancouver Aware Network

The AWARE Network is an online resource with a list of important student resources as well as an Assistance and Referral Form that can be completed by anyone on campus who may have concerns about a particular student. The idea is to make it convenient and easy for the campus community to bring concerns about a student’s situation to the attention of those who can help.

Information submitted through the Vancouver AWARE Network will be reviewed by the Student Care Team for appropriate follow-through. The Student Care Team includes the vice chancellor for student affairs and enrollment, student conduct officer, lead psychologist and campus police lieutenant.

Warning signs

First, take note of warning signs. Changes in a student's style and level of functioning may indicate distress. The suddenness and extent of change may reflect the severity of the difficulty.

Please be aware of:

  • Assignments not being turned in, or turned in late
  • A change in frequency of absences from class
  • Disinterest, apathy and hopelessness
  • Disruptiveness in class (e.g., angry outbursts, acting out)
  • Excessive emotional content in discussing or writing class materials
  • Mention of suicide or homicide in the content of coursework
  • Significant decline or deficit in self-care behaviors (e.g., personal hygiene, extreme weight loss)
  • Noticeable changes in personality or behavior
  • Change in perception of reality
  • Significant paranoia regarding government, law enforcement, administration, etc.

Assistance and referral form

If you have reason to be concerned about a student's physical or mental health, you can complete the Assistance and Referral Form to inform appropriate university personnel.

If you are interested in consulting about a situation with a student, please call Counseling Services at 360-546-9238.