Consultation and outreach

If you are a faculty or staff member and are interested in consulting about the referral process, a situation with a student, or discussing a presentation or workshop, contact Counseling Services at 360-546-9238 or

Workshops and outreach presentations

Counseling Services faculty and staff are available to meet with student groups and organizations, academic departments, faculty or staff to deliver workshops and outreach presentations on a variety of mental health topics. For example, we have made presentations on stress management, anxiety and an overview of Counseling Center Services. We welcome requests for other topics as well.

Request a presentation

Please be aware that Counseling Services faculty and staff may not be able to accommodate all outreach program requests. Our ability to respond may be impacted by factors such as current demand for services and availability of faculty and staff. Contacting us at least two weeks before the anticipated date will increase the likelihood that we can meet your needs.