Counselor training

We provide advanced training practica for doctoral-level trainees from the Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology and George Fox University Doctor of Psychology programs. Our trainees have completed at least one year of clinical training and have earned their master’s degrees in clinical psychology. Training includes direct service with weekly direct supervision of videotaped sessions and is provided by licensed clinical psychologists.

About us

Our center is co-located with disability and health services and provides opportunities to collaborate and engage in interdisciplinary consultation. Trainees are encouraged to coordinate outreach and workshops with other offices across campus and will provide initial assessment, individual and group counseling, and psychological testing services to WSU Vancouver students.

Requirements for trainees

We currently have the capacity to work with one to four trainees each academic year. The training year begins before the fall semester in August and goes through to the following July. Eligible applicants should have completed their master’s degree and at least one practicum before starting in August.

Application process

To apply, applicants should coordinate the application and interview through the director of clinical training at their respective institutions. Clinical supervision and training is provided by Dr. Patience McGinnis and Dr. Allison Chambers. Pacific University students may direct specific questions regarding the training process to Dr. McGinnis, and George Fox University students may direct specific questions regarding the training process to Chambers. Both Dr. McGinnis and Dr. Chambers can be reached at Counseling Services, 360-546-9238 or

For faculty and staff