d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing

The Access Center, in conjunction with Clark College Disability Support Services, will coordinate access to course lectures and other campus activities for students who are hard-of-hearing or d/Deaf.

Clark College

Clark College coordinates interpreter services for students at WSU Vancouver. The following chart explains whom to contact with what information.

When to contact Clark College

  • You will be absent from class
  • You are ill and cannot attend class
  • You are running late to class
  • Interpreter-related problem/issue
  • Interpreter does not arrive to scheduled class or appointment

Contact Clark College at 360-992-2835 TTY or aslinterpreting@clark.edu.

When to contact WSU Vancouver

  • Schedule changes
  • Faculty problem/issue
  • Problem in the classroom
  • To request an interpreter

Contact WSU Vancouver at 360-546-9138 (voice) or sdost@wsu.edu.

You are expected to contact WSU Vancouver Access Center with any additional changes to your schedule as well as requests for Interpreters for events other than class.

If you use ASL interpreters, you are expected to attend all classes and arrive on time. If you must miss class because of illness, notify Clark College (aslinterpreting@clark.edu) and the Access Center at least one hour before class begins to avoid an "unexcused" absence. If you are more than 10 minutes late for class, the interpreter will leave and report to Clark College Disability Services.

If you plan to be absent from class, notify the Access Center coordinator and Clark College Disability Services at least 48 hours before class time to avoid an "unexcused" absence.

Interpreting services will be suspended when a student has three unexcused absences from classes or appointments for which services are arranged. Anyone with three unexcused absences must meet with the Access Center coordinator to reestablish the accommodation. When services are reinstated, any unexcused absence will result in suspension of services requiring another meeting with the Access Center coordinator.

Interpreters are not experts in every subject. If you have any questions, direct them to the instructor, not the interpreter.

Request timeline

  • Once accommodations are established, ASL interpreters are assigned to your course schedule before the term begins.
  • Notify the Access Center of schedule changes as soon as possible.
  • It may take up to two weeks to fulfill any request for interpreters for extracurricular activities/meetings, depending on interpreters’ availability. If a request is made less than two weeks in advance, the Access Center will fill the request as possible on a case-by-case basis.

Extra interpreter requests

Request an interpreter for an event or meeting.

Absence notification

If you will be absent for one or more days, let us know.

Faculty responsibilities and steps

  • Faculty will sign the Access Center Letter of Accommodation (LOA) form you provide and maintain confidentiality of your accommodations and identity.
  • Faculty will be notified by email of interpreter involvement. Faculty will ensure that all course materials are accessible, including video and audio materials. Faculty will contact the Access Center to assist in conversion of video and audio materials. Faculty will include d/Deaf students as regular participants in class.

General Faculty FAQ on Working with Interpreters