Group counseling

Counseling Services offers a variety of ongoing groups for currently enrolled students. In group counseling, five to eight individuals meet weekly to share their struggles and concerns with the facilitation of trained group therapists.

Group counseling provides a unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in a safe and confidential environment. Group members can expect to deepen their level of self-awareness and to learn how they relate to others. Group counseling can be a safe and supportive place to experiment with new ideas and ways of being.

Please note: You may participate in both group and individual counseling. Group counseling does NOT limit your access to individual counseling or other psychological services at Counseling Services.

Benefits of group

Group counseling is the most effective treatment for many emotional concerns, personal struggles and relationship issues that college students face. Although many students are initially intimidated or hesitant to participate in group counseling, most find that group counseling is helpful and positive.

Group counseling can help you:

  • Discover that you are not alone in your struggles, thoughts and feelings
  • Learn from other students with similar concerns
  • Better understand not only issues you’re struggling with, but also what is getting in the way of positive change
  • Learn new skills to manage your concerns more effectively
  • Be more aware of yourself through genuine feedback from others
  • Gain multiple perspectives on your concerns
  • Help others by providing feedback and offering insight from your own life lessons learned
  • Practice alternative ways of relating to others, including new interpersonal skills you can use outside of the group
  • Receive feedback to aid in resolving issues or concerns
  • Develop feelings of connection, trust and hope for growth

Types of groups

Counseling Services offers a variety of groups that may change each semester depending on availability and interest. The primary types are interpersonal process groups, which have no specific topic or theme, and structured groups, which are centered on a particular theme (i.e., distress tolerance, anxiety, depression). Groups focus on a particular topic each week and teach students how to use a variety of skills to manage stress and other concerns. If you are interested in a group that is not currently being offered, please check in with Counseling Services about accommodating your needs.

Learn more about groups (PDF).

Current groups offered:

Get started

To schedule a group screening appointment, contact Counseling Services at 360-546-9238 or

Group screenings are 30-minute appointments with one or two group facilitators and are intended to assist you with identifying goals for the group, determining the best group for your individual needs and goals, learning more about the group experience, and answering any questions you may have about group counseling. The group facilitator(s) will also explain expectations for group membership, including confidentiality, attendance and participation.

Attending a group screening appointment does not obligate you to join the group. Rather, facilitators can assist you in determining if the group is the best fit for your goals, schedule and other needs.