Note taking

Eligible students may receive note taking services for lecture classes.

Additional responsibilities

You must attend class every day and pick up an NCR (No Carbon Required) copy of notes from the note taker. If notes can be provided electronically and an agreement has been arranged, notes will be sent to your email. If you are ill or intentionally miss class, it is your responsibility to obtain the notes from a classmate; it is not the note taker’s responsibility to provide notes.

Note taking services will be suspended when a student has three unexcused absences from class. Anyone with three unexcused absences must meet with the Access Center coordinator to reestablish the accommodation. When services are reinstated, any unexcused absence will result in suspension of services requiring another meeting with the Access Center coordinator.

Request timeline

  • Note takers will be available within three weeks from the start of term.
  • For new students not currently receiving services, note takers will be available as soon as possible but no later than three weeks from approval for accommodations.

Faculty responsibilities and steps

Understandably, faculty are concerned about the possible unauthorized sharing of class lecture materials and about seeking copyright for academic material. Students and note takers both must sign a Course Content and Materials Usage Agreement that prohibits the sharing of course material in any form outside the accommodation.

  • Faculty will sign the Access Center Letter of Accommodation (LOA) form you provide and maintain confidentiality of your accommodations and identity.
  • Faculty may be asked to assist in the search for and selection of note takers.