Reporting Violations of Policies

Students, staff, faculty, parents and community members are encouraged to report complaints and concerns. Following is a listing of appropriate reporting agencies for campus-related concerns.

Topic of concern Contact information
Crime, such as hate crimes, sexual assault, assault, drug use or sale, vandalism etc. Call WSU Vancouver Public Safety at 911
Student-to-student related issues to violations of Student Conduct Code, assaults, sexual assaults, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, harassment, bias-related incidents, discrimination, theft, etc. In case of crime, contact 911. To report Student Conduct Code violations contact the Student Affairs Office, 360-546-9573
Computer abuse/misuse Report to
Third-party reports of sexual assault and hate/bias-related incidents Contact the Student Affairs Office, 360-546-9573
Student complaints regarding staff or faculty with respect to discrimination, including sexual harassment WSU Vancouver Academic Director or Human Resource Services, 509-546-9587
Student complaints regarding staff or faculty with respect to academic concerns. WSU Vancouver Academic Director or the Ombudsman's Office in Pullman, 509-335-1195
Student-staff complaints regarding work issues or work environment. Your immediate supervisor or WSU Vancouver Human Resource Services, 509-546-9587

In addition to administrators, faculty, and supervisors the following university offices also are available to discuss any concerns or complaints, or to provide advice on utilizing university complaint procedures:

WSU Vancouver offices

  • Counseling Services, Student Services Center, 360-546-9238
  • Office of Student Affairs/Student Conduct, Student Services Center, 360-546-9573

WSU Pullman offices

No individual shall be penalized or retaliated against in any way by a member of the university community for initiating or participation in a complaint procedure.