S&A Fee budget requests

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Annual timeline

Services and Activities Fees budget request timeline
Date Activity
October Students recommended to Chancellor for approval
November Training
November/December Call for budget request proposals
December 18 Deadline for submitting budget request proposals
January Budget hearings and committee decisions
February Budget recommendations forwarded to Chancellor, President and Board of Regents for approval
March Board of Regents approval of budget

Submit a budget request

To submit a budget request, email a completed Budget Request Form and Budget Request Memo to lindsey.pierce@wsu.edu by the budget proposal deadline.

Budget Request Form

The Budget Request Form may be used for both small, one-time funding requests and large, annual organizational budgets.

Only complete sections of the form relevant to your organization and request. Not every section will be applicable to all groups and requests. For example, an event funding request may have no other revenue sources beyond this request or a club may have no salary or travel expenditures.

Budget Request Memo

Your Budget Request Memo should include a brief description of t he purpose of the request, including any significant changes from past requests, if applicable. The primary question it needs to answer is:

"How does this request support non-academic student activities and programs?"

In addition to the question above, be sure to also address the following:

  • What are your goals for this request?
  • Who may be impacted by your request? (What is the scope of your project? How many students might it impact?)
  • If the unit/program has access to other funding sources (e.g. core funds, revenue, gift funds, RSO, etc.), include an explanation of why those funding sources cannot/will not be used to cover the expenses included in the request. 
  • If the unit/program received an allocation in the current year, and if they are projecting to be underspent/overspent, include an explanation of why and what they will do differently next year to avoid underspending/overspending.

Here is a memo template that you may use: S&A Fees Request Memo Template

Budget hearings

The S&A Fees Committee invites the campus community to attend the budget hearing sessions scheduled for January 2024. Session blocks will be 2 or 4 hours in length, and each individual session will be roughly 10 minutes per requestor for the upcoming fiscal year. The scheduled blocks of presentations will be updated spring semester.

Important Note: WSU meeting attendees must be signed into Zoom to join the meeting.

Meeting minutes