S and A Fees Student Committee Chair job description

Follow-up with all committee members who miss meetings to bring them up to date (particularly for those who miss the orientation meeting).

Work with Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to confirm protocol for budget hearings.

Meet with ASWSUV Vice President for a briefing on Parliamentary Procedures.

Review budget proposals as necessary along with Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations prior to distribution to confirm requests are valid.

Assist as necessary making copies of all budget request forms and supporting documents for distribution to all committee members.

Email committee members to remind them when request packets are available for pick up.

Follow-up in phone or email with each presenter who will participate in the budget hearings to confirm their attendance, inform them of the hearing format and answer any questions they may have.

Assist Student Affairs Administrative Manager with “decision memos” which are sent to all those who make budget requests after allocation decisions are made.

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Revised 2/3/2012