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Join a student club or organization. Get hands-on with committee, volunteer and employment opportunities.

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Student diversity events

Show your support for student diversity. Join us for one of our frequent diversity events. Check for upcoming events on the Campus Events Calendar.

Oct. 28—Documentary: “Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse”
Oct. 30—Open Mic—Talking About Emotional Resilience

Campus Events Calendar

Cultural Arts and Equity Hip-Hop Series

Discover our new series designed to broaden the community’s understanding of how cultural arts through hip-hop can cultivate an inclusive campus community that centers the success of historically underserved students. Stay tuned for updates!

Student Diversity team students

Diversity resources

Find information relating to scholarships, foster-care support, gender-inclusive restrooms, prayer space and other resources.


Report discrimination

If you witness or experience something which discriminates, stereotypes, excludes, or harasses anyone based on some part of their identity—such as religion, ethnicity, disability, sex, language, race, sexual orientation or other similar factor—please report it.

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For answers, contact the Center for Intercultural Learning and Affirmation at 360-546-9182 or

Location and hours

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Affirmation is located in the Firstenburg Student Commons, Room 104.

Due to the current COVID-19 guidelines, CILA will remain closed to the public until further notice. Stay tuned for information about the following opportunities:

  1. Daily Zoom Group Opportunities for students to connect, seek resources and maintain community.
  2. Weekly workshops on Zoom related to the mission and values of CILA.
  3. Individualized support and meetings can be arranged by emailing

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