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Asian Pacific Islander Club

The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Club is a cultural organization that aims to empower Asian Pacific Islander students, staff and faculty; raise awareness about the Asian Pacific Islander cultures and customs; and help strengthen the Asian Pacific Islander community. We also like to have fun both on and off campus!

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Black People United

Black People United (BPU) supports and empowers Black students, staff, and faculty members by having gatherings, initiating discussions, and hosting events that focus on the Black and African American community.

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Collegiate LULAC

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), founded in 1929, is the oldest and most widely respected Hispanic civil rights organization in the U.S.. Collegiate LULAC provides students with opportunities to make a difference and leave a lasting impact through advocating efforts aimed at addressing issues that impact our Latino community.

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Cougar Pride Club

This club is made up of students and alumni of WSU Vancouver who believe all Cougs are created equal. Similar to many GSAs (Gay/Straight Alliance), we work to ensure an inclusive environment for LGBTQQIAA students at WSU Vancouver.

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Environmental Science and Sustainability Club

The Environmental Science and Sustainability Club is an outlet for creativity and positive change on the WSUV campus and the planet. Connect with like-minded individuals both on campus and in outside organizations. Come share your appreciation of the natural world while making a difference.

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First Nations Club

The First Nations Club aims to give Native students the power to create and share indigenous ideas and information in a safe an inclusive space, and to build community among First Nations students, staff and faculty.  Join us in exploring our own cultural practices and traditions, and raising awareness about issues impacting Native students.

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International Student Association

The mission of ISA is to promote a multicultural exchange of perspectives between International and American students, faculty, administrators and staff members of the WSU Vancouver community.

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Latinx Student Association

The mission of the LSA Club is to promote recruitment and retention of Latino/a students and to disseminate information about the diversity of Latin cultures. We work to facilitate specific activities which include: hosting empowerment sessions, reaching out and making connections in our community, holding on-campus events and designing outreach activities for new students and their families.

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Spanish Club

Spanish Club provides an opportunity for all students, regardless of their Spanish speaking ability. Learn new things about the Spanish language and Latin American cultures. The club also gives those the opportunity to use their Spanish in a conversational setting as well as get any help that they need within their Spanish classes.

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Student Accessibility and Empowerment Club

The Student Accessibility and Empowerment Club (SAEC) aims to heighten awareness of disabilities, promote special campus events including guest speakers, encourage inclusion into the student body through involvement in campus and community events, advocate for supportive services for students with disabilities and provide a place for social support for students with disabilities.

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