Marginalized community history

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Affirmation provides resources for students who are historically underserved by colleges and universities—students whose histories have been marginalized through traditional/dominant historical narratives.

With this in mind, the CILA seeks to provide resources for teachers and students to engage the histories of marginalized communities. These resources are a work in progress and will develop as we work with the community to provide our institution and other educators with the tools to engage history through a more critical lens.

Black history lessons

NEA: Black History Month Lessons

K – 12, student resource, teacher resource

The NEA has created a set of thoroughly written and standards aligned lessons that can be used to teach students, K – 12, about black history. There are multiple lessons at all grade levels on such topics as famous inventors, jazz, art and culture. Multiple links to resources are provided with each lesson. External links are provided for many other on-line resources and curricula.

Smithsonian Black History Resources

K – 12, student resource, teacher resource

The Smithsonian Education Division has created a set of lessons for grades K – 12 that focus on various aspects of black history. Included in each lesson is a set of resources and background information on the topics. The lessons are to be downloaded and are narrow in grade specificity. On this page is also a link to a virtual history tour. Lessons are tied to content related standards (such as the National Council for Teachers of English). Topics range from specific lessons on people such as Langston Hughes, to lessons on music, culture, visual arts and black aviators. Each lesson topic has grade-range level lessons that go along with it.

Anti-Defamation League Black History Month Curriculum and Resources

K – 12, student resource, teacher resource

The Anti-Defamation League has created a set of lessons on a variety of topics from black history to specific lessons on the black experience. Also linked here is a list of ideas for teaching black history. Lessons are provided for grades K – 12 and are linked to Common Core Standards. Lessons include resources to use, some of which are links to online materials. Lessons range from those on anti-bias, to history, to issues such as the school-to-prison pipeline and microaggressions.

PBS Black History Month Teaching Resources

K – 12, student resource, teacher resource (*Limited K – 5)

PBS has put together a set of teaching resources and lessons on a variety of specific topics related to the black experience and black history. Many of the lessons are geared towards middle and high school levels, but there are some lessons for lower grade levels that also include materials for students who may not be at grade level or have special learning needs. Lesson topics range from a lesson on Muhammad Ali, an exploration of “Stop and Frisk” laws, to a math lesson about the March on Washington. Lessons are lined up with Common Core Standards and include resources for teachers and students.

Teaching Tolerance: 45 Days of Black History

Teacher resource

Teaching Tolerance has many resources for teaching about black history. Watch this webinar that will prepare educators to engage all students in recognizing and understanding how black Americans have moved history forward. This webinar includes practices and strategies for celebrating the contribution of African Americans. In addition to this webinar, you can search this website for numerous units and lessons related to this topic.