Scholarships can be an important part of paying for a college education. For the 2020/21 school year, the Vancouver campus awarded more than $2 million in scholarships and academic tuition waivers to over 800 students. The average award was $2,500.

WSU scholarships and awards

WSU Vancouver students are eligible for both WSU systemwide scholarships and WSU Vancouver-specific scholarships. Submit the WSU General Scholarship Application every year to be considered for all WSU scholarships. Application deadline: Jan. 31.

If you qualify, the following scholarships are automatically awarded when you are offered admission to WSU Vancouver:

WSU scholarships and awards WSU Vancouver scholarships list

American Indian / Alaska Native student scholarships

Citizen or descendant of a federally or state recognized tribe? Be sure to check out the WSU Tribal Nation Building Leadership Scholarship. recently created a guide about scholarships for Indigenous students to help bring them more awareness to financial aid resources in which they can take advantage. The Guide to Scholarships for Indigenous Students was designed help break down the barriers preventing indigenous students from earning a higher education. This guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including:

  • Undergraduate and graduate scholarships for indigenous students
  • College grant and loan information
  • Information about other financial aid options like fellowships and work-study programs

GIESO Student Scholarship Application Now Open!

Applications are now open for scholarships for students active in supporting WSU’s LGBTQ+ community.

Please complete the Washington State University online scholarship application by March 5, 2023, to be considered.

The President’s Commission on Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation (GIESO) will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a student for Fall 2023. Interested applicants should submit the following questionnaire:

GIESO Scholarship Questionnaire

For questions, please contact: Ash Debuse.

Undocumented student scholarships

Check out this collection of undocumented student scholarships (PDF) published by the Beyond HB 1079 program of University of Washington.

Undocumented students are also eligible for financial aid! File the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) in October.

Review financial aid options for undocumented students.

Non-WSU scholarship opportunities

Many scholarships are available from outside sources. Take the initiative to research and apply for additional funding.

theWashBoard.orgWSU scholarship search

Homelight Scholarship

Homelight wants to support like-minded students who share our passion for improving the world of real estate. That’s why we’re offering a $1,000 scholarship to talented students who hold an interest in homes and homeownership. If you’re interested in designing homes, building homes, placing people in homes, combatting homelessness, or studying the housing market, we want to help fund your education.

Any legal U.S. resident in high school or college who will be attending an accredited university or college in Fall 2023 is eligible to apply.

To apply, please submit a short piece of writing, that includes the following:

  • Why are you interested in real estate?
  • How will your career help more people find their dream home?
  • What impact have you had on homes or homelessness in your community?

The deadline is April 15, 2023. Visit Homelight for more information.

SWANA Scholarship

SWANA has several scholarship oppurtunities available. Applicants must:

  • Be accepted or enrolled at a college, university, or graduate school for fall 2023;
  • Be the child or grandchild of a SWANA member OR be a SWANA student member (becoming a SWANA student member is free);
  • Have strong academic records and involvement in community and extracurricular activities.

The Deadline is May 1, 2023. Click here for more information.

IQ Credit Union Scholarship Application

Check out the IQ Credit Union Scholarship. To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a primary member of iQ Credit Union prior to applying for scholarship.
  • Be a graduating high school senior or have completed high school equivalency.
  • Be enrolling at a community college, university, or accredited trade school for the fall of the upcoming academic year as either a freshman or a continuing student.
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Plan to enroll as a full-time student (12 credits or more per quarter or 13 credits or more per semester) for the upcoming academic year.
  • Be intent upon completing an academic transfer, baccalaureate, graduate, or trade program, depending upon the scholarship for which the applicant is being considered.

The deadline for the IQ Credit Union Scholarship is Friday, March 31st.

2023 PNACAC Student Scholarship Application Now Open

PNACAC is excited to announce we are once again sponsoring up to ten (10) one-time scholarships for students planning to attend a regionally accredited college or university in Fall 2023.

Additionally, this year the scholarship amount has increased to $2,000. Currently enrolled high school seniors or two-year college students in one of the five states represented by PNACAC are eligible to apply. Please visit the PNACAC website for additional eligibility criteria and more information on the application process.

The 2023 PNACAC Student Scholarship Application is now open. Please visit the PNACAC website for more details about eligibility, application processes, and download a promotional poster to share with students. Please share information widely with your students. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2023.

Rotary International - Vancouver

Vancouver Rotary is awarding $94,000 in college scholarships to students in good standing committed to community and family service. Academics are important but not critical. Deadline: February 27, 2023

Vancouver Rotary Scholarship Application

Up, Up and Away Scholarship

P.E.O. Chapter DJ of Vancouver, WA is offering merit based scholarships to females who graduated from high school by August 31, 2022. GPA 3.0 or above based upon high school transcript and at least 12 hours of post high school credit. Home schooled applicants must also have 36 hours of college credit (includes Running Start credits). Additional requirements required. Deadline: February 28, 2023

Email Chapter DJ For an Application.

Share Individual Development Account (IDA) program

Are you a Clark County resident? If you meet low-income requirements and can save $1,000, the Share IDA program will match your money 4:1, awarding you $5,000 towards your tuition. Review the application information for deadlines and requirement specifics.

Share IDA program application information

Clark County Fair Association

To be eligible for a Clark County Fair Association Exhibitor Scholarship, applicant must have been actively involved in 4-H, FFA, Grange Youth or Open Class at the Clark County Fair. Applicants must be high school seniors or high school graduates. Dependents of the Clark County Fair Association Board of Directors and dependents of FSMG employees are eligible for the Clark County Fair Association Scholarship program. Contact Amy DeShazer at (564) 397-6126 or email with questions or to request an application.

Download the Application

CPT James Ahn Scholarship

Are you a former special forces service member? Are you a full time student pursuing degree/certification completion at an accredited post secondary institution including graduate school, university, college, community college, or vocational/technical institution? This award may be for you! Application deadline: June 1 (for following academic year)

CPT James Ahn Memorial Scholarship application information

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Are you a Pell grant eligible student who is planning to study abroad? This award may be for you!

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship application information

Passport to College

Are you a Washington resident who has spent at least 1 year in foster care in WA state after your 16th birthday and are enrolled at least half-time in college? This scholarship may be for you! Maximum award per year is $4,500.

Passport to College application information

Air Force Health Professions Scholarships

The Air Force offers scholarships for healthcare professionals to include: one- and two-year scholarships for Allied Health specialties (pharmacists, optometrists, clinical psychologists and public health officers), two- and three-year scholarships for nurse corps specialties and three- and four-year scholarships for medical corps and dental corps.

These scholarships cover all tuition and required fees, including textbooks, small equipment items and supplies needed for study. You will also receive a monthly allowance for living expenses. While on scholarship, you will spend 45 days on active duty in the Air Force, and once you graduate, you will serve one year of active duty for each year of scholarship, serving a minimum of three years.

Contact an Air Force recruiter to learn more.

Army Health Education Scholarships

Are you a U.S. citizen with a baccalaureate degree, who is enrolled in or accepted to an accredited graduate program in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, psychiatric nursing, optometry or psychology? This opportunity will pay for your tuition, books, equipment, most academic fees and a monthly stipend of over $2,000.

Army Health Education Scholarships application information

Navy Health Professions Scholarships

If you’re already in or plan to attend medical school, dental school or a qualifying health-care-related postgraduate program, you can join the Navy while you’re still in school through the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). The program pays for tuition, offers monthly living expenses and a potential sign-on bonus.

Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) information

Contact a Navy recruiter to learn more.

WA National Guard Postsecondary Education Grant

Are you a member of the WA National Guard, in good standing, and making satisfactory academic progress towards a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree? Combined with state and federal aid, National Guard grants can cover tuition and fees, as well as a portion of books and materials. Review the application information for deadlines and requirement specifics.

National Guard Grant application information

Health Services Collegiate Program

Are you a U.S citizen and are enrolled in or accepted in a HCA, entomology, pharmacy, industrial hygiene, podiatry, audiology, or physician assistant program? The HSCP can provide up to $4,347 a month plus comprehensive medical and dental coverage for you and your dependents.

Health Services Collegiate Program application information (DOC)

P.E.O Program for Continuing Education Grant

Are you a female student who is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or Canada? Are you enrolled in a certification or degree program from an accredited institution? Have you been living and studying in the United States or Canada for the entire course of study? Have you had at least 24 consecutive months as a non-student sometime in your adult life? Are you within 18 consecutive months of completing your educational program which, at the conclusion of, will lead to employment or job advancement? Do you have financial need? This grant may be for you!

PEO Continuing Education Grant application information

Boren Scholarship

Are you a US citizen who wants to study abroad in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, the Caribbean or the Middle East? This scholarship may be for you!

Boren Scholarship application information

Goldwater Scholarship

Are you a WSU sophomore or junior currently and plan on pursuing a research career in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering? This opportunity may be for you! Awards range up to a maximum of $7,500 annually, covering eligible expenses for tuition, fees, books, and room and board.

Goldwater Scholarship application information

Truman Scholarship

Are you a US citizen who is full-time junior who is committed to a career in government, non-profit or advocacy sector, education or other public service? This opportunity may be for you!

Truman Scholarship application information

Udall Scholarships

Are you a WSU sophomore or junior who is interested in a career related to the environment, tribal public policy or Native American health care? This $5,000 opportunity may be for you!

Udall Scholarships application information

Sea Mar Farmworker High School & College Scholarships

Sea Mar recognizes and acknowledges the barriers children of farm working families face in their pursuit of a college degree. Economic strains, as well as the language and cultural barriers can often affect these students.

Sometimes students need to work after-school and all summer to assist their family. Sea Mar is proud to provide annual scholarships to help make college a reality.

Award amount: $1,000.

You can access this scholarship by clicking here.

This scholarship closes on April 30th, 2023. For questions, please email Kenia Diaz or Sea Mar Scholarships. You can also call Kenia directly at (206) 474-2016, or Sea Mar's administrative office at (206) 763-5277.

Latino/a Educational Achievement Project Scholarship

The Sea Mar Latino/a Educational Achievement Project Scholarship provides financial support for students who demonstrate a history of advocacy, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, are go-getters, and have shown or have the strong potential to be contributors to their community.

Award amount: $2,500.

You can access this scholarship by clicking here.

This scholarship closes on April 30th, 2023. For questions, please email Kenia Diaz or Sea Mar Scholarships. You can also call Kenia directly at (206) 474-2016, or Sea Mar's administrative office at (206) 763-5277.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship helps low- and middle-income Washington students earn degrees, certificates or apprenticeships in high-demand trade, health care or STEM fields and launch careers in Washington state. This opportunity may be for you!

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship information

Additional scholarship resources