OSI staff contact information

Nikki Hinshaw

Nikki Hinshaw

Assistant Director of Student Involvement

Strengths: Developer, Discipline, Arranger, Relator, Intellection

Nikki’s role: My focus is advising ASWSUV, planning large scale events, supporting ROAR Orientation, and supervising part-time and student staff.

Why I do this: It is a pleasure to work with students who have such diverse experiences and passions. It continually inspires me to be the best I can be and learn from others. I feel lucky to be a part of the VanCoug experience and work with students, faculty and staff who are making a difference.

Cambri Shanahan

Cambri Shanahan

Recreation Coordinator

Strengths: Positivity, Communication, Empathy, Input, Achiever

Cambri's role: Alongside amazing student staff, I oversee and facilitate the Recreation Office where the rental and trip programs are housed. I also manage the Fitness Center, intramural sports and OSI wellness programs. If I am not on an OSI recreation trip, you will find me in the Recreation Office or the Fitness Center. Come say hi!

Why I do this: I am passionate about facilitating student growth outside of the classroom. It is important for the WSU Vancouver community to be healthy in all aspects of their life. Within the Recreation Program, there is something for everyone to engage in that will positively impact your overall well being. You deserve it!

Amanda Weingarten

Amanda Weingarten

Student Activities Advisor

Why I do this: As a first-generation college student and Chicana, I understand the significance and benefits of becoming involved during college. I do this work to help empower all students and enable them to find their voice. Through involvement, students develop skills to become proactive leaders in their community.

Student staff

Fitness Center staff

Focus: Fitness Center staff serve as the main point of contact for all users and assists in the upkeep of the facility.

OSI Front Desk staff

Focus: OSI Front Desk staff serve as the main point of contact for the Firstenburg Student Commons office suite; supports event sign ups, ticket sales and special projects.

OSI Social Media Content Intern

Focus: Promoting OSI programs and events via print and social media, and managing the Electronic Reader Boards.

OSI Outdoor Recreation Intern

Focus: Planning and leading outdoor recreation trips, and supporting equipment rentals.

OSI Wellness Intern

Focus: Supervising the Fitness Center and responsible for planning OSI wellness events.

Recreation Staff

Focus: Recreation staff serve as the main point of contact for the Recreation Annex; supports trip and event sign ups, outdoor recreation, intramural sports and equipment rentals.

Student Activities Board Chair

Focus: Student Activities Board Chair oversees and coordinates fun activities, events and programs executed by SAB to enhance your student experience.