OSI staff contact information

Lillian Root

Lillian Root

Program Coordinator

Strengths: Communication, Empathy, Organization, Humor, Problem-Solver

Lillian’s role: I am responsible for the fiscal management of all student clubs, government, media, and recreation. I support OSI in purchasing, budgeting, and tracking expenses, as well as assist in event and travel coordination for on and off campus events. I also oversee my amazing student staff at the OSI front desk. I am usually in or around FSC, so come say hi!

Why I do this: College isn’t just about grades, it’s also about building a community. I want students to have the opportunity to explore their interests with other students, whether through joining a club, going to the fitness center, or attending a campus event. I am passionate about supporting students outside of the classroom!

Student staff

Fitness Center staff

Focus: Fitness Center staff serve as the main point of contact for all users and assists in the upkeep of the facility.

OSI Front Desk staff

Focus: OSI Front Desk staff serve as the main point of contact for the Firstenburg Student Commons office suite; supports event sign ups, ticket sales and special projects.

OSI Social Media Content Intern

Focus: Promoting OSI programs and events via print and social media, and managing the Electronic Reader Boards.

OSI Outdoor Recreation Intern

Focus: Planning and leading outdoor recreation trips, and supporting equipment rentals.

Recreation Staff

Focus: Recreation staff serve as the main point of contact for the Recreation Annex; supports trip and event sign ups, outdoor recreation, intramural sports and equipment rentals.

Student Activities Board Chair

Focus: Student Activities Board Chair oversees and coordinates fun activities, events and programs executed by SAB to enhance your student experience.