Student media programs

Showcase your creativity through our award-winning student media organizations.

The VanCougar newsmagazine, KOUG Radio and Salmon Creek Journal each offer the opportunity to express your unique perspective and artistic talents.

See your work in newsprint, streaming online or on gallery display. Your creative passion is ready to be shared!

Student Media Board

Join the Student Media Board (SMB), the governing body which guides and supports our student media organizations.

Collaborate with media-passionate Cougs. Fulfill our mission and achieve our goals. Be a student media leader. Learn more:

Contact the Student Media Board at

KOUG Radio

Make your voice heard. Spin your groove, host a talk show or try something new on KOUG Radio, our student-operated radio station.

Learn more:

KOUG Radio Coug Presence

Contact KOUG Radio at

Salmon Creek Journal

Express yourself and get published in the Salmon Creek Journal, our annual literary and arts journal.

This student-led publication represents the interests and talents of the whole WSU Vancouver community. Students, faculty, staff and alumni are all encouraged to publish their creative works—including visual arts, poetry and prose.

Leave your mark on the creative culture of WSU Vancouver and our regional arts community. Access and learn more about the publishing process. Learn more:

Salmon Creek Journal website Salmon Creek Journal Coug Presence

Contact the Salmon Creek Journal at

The VanCougar newsmagazine

Chase a lead and break a story with The VanCougar, our student-run newsmagazine.

Practice balanced, accurate, complete and timely reporting on issues impacting our campus and community. Learn more:

The VanCougar website The VanCougar Coug Presence

Contact The VanCougar at