Academic reinstatement application and guidelines

Reinstatement application form

To apply for academic reinstatement, complete the application form that follows. When complete, print your application, attach your Personal Statement and any supporting documentation, and either hand deliver or email these materials to your advisor prior to your reinstatement interview.

  • Applications will not be accepted in the mail via United States Postal Service.
  • Review the application form for additional instructions and information.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the switch to distance learning, please submit all reinstatement documents to your advisor via email prior to your reinstatement invterview.

Your reinstatement application process will be the following:

  1. Complete the Fall 2021 Reinstatement Application (PDF)
  2. Write a personal statement. Review topics on what to write about and questions to answer.
  3. Meet with your Academic Advisor for a Reinstatement Interview. You will need to email your reinstatement application along with your personal statement to your advisor 24 hours in advance of your interview so that you and your advisor can go over it together when you meet. To find out who you will meet with for your reinstatement interview, email the Student Resource Center at

At the end of your reinstatement appointment, you will find out if you have been reinstated to WSU Vancouver. If reinstated, your advisor will work with you on next steps, which will include selecting your next term's classes, preparing to register if you have not done so already, and completing any other to-do items.

Guidelines for applying for reinstatement

Application format

  • Complete an application for reinstatement.
  • Carefully compose and proofread your personal statement portion. Review the information below to be sure you have provided the necessary response.
  • Schedule an appointment for your reinstatement interview. Students who receive advising in their major department must schedule an appointment with their academic department. Students advised in the SRC must call 360-546-9155 to schedule an appointment.
  • Bring your Reinstatement Application and Personal Statement to your appointment. Please note: some departments may require you to submit your restatement application several days before your interview.
  • The quality of the writing, organization, content, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are a sample of your work and may be considered during the review of your application.
  • Declarations of good intentions are not sufficient.
  • The recommended length is two to three typed pages.
  • Be sure to sign your application before submitting it.
  • Application deadlines are listed at the top of the Reinstatement Application. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Handwritten personal statements will not be accepted.

Personal statement topics

You should discuss the items that relate to your situation, but you do not need to address all the suggested items.

What are your reasons for a deficient grade point average at WSU?

  • Clearly state the challenges you encountered this semester.
  • Discuss obligations you had during the previous semester that impacted your grades. You may include in your personal statement a discussion of circumstances (such as personal or family illness, familial or cultural barriers, work and financial issues, or other factors) that may have affected your academic record. Outline the options you considered in the decisions you made regarding these personal circumstances.
  • Discuss your class attendance and participation, as well as any additional resources you used.

What is your plan to be successful in future semesters?

  • Be sure to explain how the circumstances have changed to allow you to be successful. Continuing personal issues may need to be resolved before you will be able to be academically successful.
  • Describe your plan to be consistently successful at Washington State University. Discuss why you believe you are now academically prepared to be successful at WSU. Review your academic record (including grades or test scores) and note items that are an accurate predictor of your future academic performance.
  • Discuss your plans to improve your class attendance, number of hours per week you feel necessary to study outside of class and support services that might be helpful. Be specific.
  • Discuss changes you have made to your life style that will allow you to be more successful in the future.

What major are you planning to pursue and how do you intend to successfully complete the requirements for graduation?

  • Explain why you chose your current major, and how you plan to be academically successful in this major. If you have changed your intended major, discuss why.
  • Consult the WSU Catalog online for requirements for each major. Also visit the web site for your intended major and review the information available. You should also review an Advisement Report for your proposed major.
  • Consider your academic strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your major.
  • Review the information available online at Career Services.
  • If you need to repeat classes for your major, it is very important that you explain how you will be successful.

Former students returning

  • Did you repeat courses that you did poorly in at WSU? Document evidence of academic ability in recent course work.
  • Did you take courses required for your major, or courses that represent your ability to succeed in your major? Grades of B or better from a community college are considered an indication of potential success at WSU. You must submit an official transcript from all schools you attended before your reinstatement will be complete. Documentation from instructors of courses you are currently enrolled in will be accepted to help make a preliminary decision.
  • Have your worked while away from WSU? How does the work experience enhance your chances for success if you return to WSU?
  • Students who have not enrolled at WSU for two or more semesters will also have to apply to WSU Admissions as a Former Student Returning.

Change of campus

  • Students who were enrolled and deficient at another WSU campus in the last two semesters and are now are now seeking reinstatement at WSU Vancouver must complete the Change of Campus Form.
  • If reinstatement is approved, the Change of Campus form will be processed, allowing the student to register at WSU Vancouver.

After the decision

  • Read the information sent to you carefully.
  • If you are reinstated, be sure to follow the conditions carefully.
  • If you are denied reinstatement, be sure to consider the recommendations carefully if you plan to reapply for reinstatement.