Become a Tutor


Tutor candidates must meet all the criteria listed below

  • Must be a currently enrolled WSU Vancouver campus student with at least one academic year left before graduating
  • Must be a currently enrolled WSU Vancouver campus student
  • Must have attended class at WSU Vancouver for at least 1 semester before applying
  • Earned a grade of "A" for the course(s) interested in tutoring¬† and have solid understanding of the topic
  • Must possess effective communication skills
  • Be able to obtain recommendations from Faculty
  • Be flexible to meet for on-campus tutoring sessions including evenings and weekends when the campus is open
  • Previous tutoring experience is a plus but not required
  • Must clear Student Conduct background check with Student Affairs Office

Candidates must possess solid understanding of the content of the course.

Application process

  1. Complete and submit tutor application form.
  2. Upon receipt of online application, SRC will email you Tutor Recommendation Form.
  3. Email or deliver the form to each person from whom you seek a reference.
  4. Once SRC receives Tutor Recommendation Form from your references, SRC will contact you and schedule an interview.

If you are selected for a tutor position, you are required to attend a 2-hour training before you begin working with students.


Please call Student Resource Center at 360-546-9155 or email