Creating your class schedule

1. Choose the academic program you wish to study

Review the program website and schedule of studies page. Note the suggested classes for your first year at WSU Vancouver.

See also: Schedule of classes

2. Writing, math and UCORE courses

Your advisor will provide you with a list of suggested courses based on your placement exam results and any college credit you have earned. For example:

Course suggestion example
Suggested courses Credits
UNIV 104 2
ENGL 101 3
MATH 103* 3
BIOL 106 4

If your major has changed since you applied for admission, you likely will need to make adjustments to your schedule.

*Depending on your math placement score, you may not have the prerequisites needed to take one or more of the courses listed in the schedule of studies.

3. Plan your class schedule

Review the schedule of classes to plan your upcoming term’s schedule.

  • Find the “Vancouver” heading and select the adjacent term and year link for the Vancouver-specific schedule of classes.

For each of the courses suggested by your advisor:

  1. Select the course prefix link. (e.g. “ENGL”)
  2. Take note of a class day and time that fits your schedule.

To explore courses that will satisfy UCORE requirements:

  1. Visit the Search the Schedules page
  2. Select the upcoming term and year for “Vancouver” in the “Term and Campus” drop-down menu.
  3. Use the “UCORE” drop-down menu to find classes that satisfy various UCORE categories.


  • Avoid choosing classes that have time conflicts with other classes you are planning to take.
  • Classes numbered 100 – 299 are often the best options for students in their first year.

4. Register for classes

Once you’re ready, register for the classes you have selected. Learn how to register for classes in myWSU.

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