Student Ambassador roles

Recruitment and outreach

As campus tour guides, Student Ambassadors, provide visitors with a realistic glimpse of the WSU Vancouver experience and include an overview of campus facilities, programs, and atmosphere. Ambassadors also join Admission Counselors in representing the University at college fairs, school visits, and community events. They provide invaluable insight to prospective students and help them understand what it is to be a college student today. Student Ambassadors understand the benefits of higher education and advocate the option for all throughout our diverse community.

ROAR leaders

Welcoming new students to campus is important and no one does it better than the Student Ambassadors! As individuals and as a team, the Ambassadors are able to provide insights to topics ranging from registering for classes to diversity, ways to get involved to where to eat on campus. The connections continue beyond ROAR with the Ambassadors serving as a link to GE 101 courses.

Campus connections

Leaders are known for being active and our Ambassadors are no different. As an Ambassador, students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, events and offer their voice to important discussions. Ambassadors have the chance to promote WSU Vancouver to middle and high school students, participate in annual programs such as the Public Affairs Lecture Series and career fairs as well as assist in welcoming potential faculty to the campus. It is an important and exciting role for any student looking to get involved in leadership at WSU Vancouver.

Student programs

Ambassadors, as current students, have a pulse on activities and services on campus. They organize events that allow the campus community to come together in various ways. In the past, Ambassadors have developed an all-campus dodge ball tournament and welcomed new students to participate in social activities. What's next is up to you and the Ambassadors!