Supplemental Instruction frequently asked questions

What is the SI program?

Supplemental Instruction is a free academic support program available on WSU Vancouver campus. The purpose of the SI Program is to help students better understand concepts or applications of course content while improving their grades.

Your SI Leader, who has content-competency and has previously taken the course, will facilitate a series of weekly review sessions and offer assistance with a particular subject matter. All students who are enrolled in the SI-supported courses are welcome to join the SI sessions throughout the semester!

Why attend SI sessions?

By attending SI sessions on a regular basis, chances are you will:

  • earn a better grade
  • better understand course material
  • teach and learn from your classmates
  • develop effective study skills that can be applied to other classes

Who are the SI Leaders, and how does the SI program work?

Most of SI Leaders are junior and senior students who have successfully completed the courses they are assigned to. They possess and demonstrate effective study skills and help students maximize their potential for their academic success. Learn more about our friendly SI Leaders.

SI Leader responsibilities

SI Leaders sit in designated classes with students for the full semester and take lecture notes. SI Leaders facilitate a series of weekly review sessions covering the course content, exam review and preparation as well as assisting students in developing effective study strategies. These group sessions are free and open to all students at all levels of academic achievement who are part of SI-supported courses.

SI Leaders also hold 1 – 2 hours of office hours every week to accommodate students who might benefit from one-on-one meeting.

Interested in becoming an SI Leader? Check out the SI Leader position description.

What have students who attended SI sessions in the past said?

"Awesome!!  I love the SI sessions!”

“SI sessions are very helpful, informative, enjoyable, and good for note review.”

“I found SI session an efficient use of time.

“It’s incredibly helpful and definitely worth your time.”

“Super helpful and thorough.  I appreciate the extra help.”

“SI sessions provide better understanding of class.  SI sessions rock!!”

CHEM 105

“The exam reviews and review sheets were super helpful.”

“LeAnne is amazing! She has saved me in this class—she explains it all so well!”

CHEM 345

“Without the SI sessions I would not be able to pass this class. I found the sessions greatly improved my understanding of the class material.”

“Danny is an awesome SI leader. His methods/explanations saved me in this class.”

“This was a very hard class, but the SI sessions helped a lot!”

HIST 105/305

“Our SI leader was awesome!”

“I like Larissa, she is cool!”

“SI sessions was resourceful and recommended”