Basic health care

Basic health care services include:

  • treatment of acute illness and injuries
  • evaluation and stabilization of chronic conditions
  • physical exams (including for sports and travel)
  • immunizations
  • medications and prescriptions
  • point of care and basic lab testing (urine, Rapid Strep A, blood glucose, CBC, Pap smear, and more)
  • confidential STI/STD testing, including HIV
  • smoking cessation counseling
  • nutrition counseling

ZoomCare providers will refer higher acuity medical needs and certain medication prescriptions (e.g., benzodiazepines, opioids, narcotics) to a specialist. Our Health Services staff will work to connect you to a primary care provider in the community for follow up.

Wellness exams will be held each semester. Watch the events calendar for details.

Please note

We cover the cost of five basic labs (PAP smears, thyroid, CBC, urine culture, STI).

Although the Health Services clinic provides basic health services at no cost to you, any diagnostic testing (labs, imaging, etc.) ordered may be performed at Quest Diagnostics or a Zoom Care identified affiliate. These services will be billed directly to your health insurance or will be an out-of-pocket expense.

Additionally, no prescription medications will be dispensed from the Health Services clinic. For specific billing questions, please contact your health insurance. Our Health Services Coordinator can also assist with investigating low cost options in the community.

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