Counseling resources

Mental health

The following are reliable, not-for-profit websites with information on a variety of mental health topics.

Alcohol and drug counseling, assessment and prevention

WSU offers students, faculty and staff a range of services related to substance use—including counseling, groups, workshops, outreach programs, consultation and assessment.

Education and self-assessment

WSU offers online courses and assessment tools to provide personalized feedback regarding your own substance use as well as general information about alcohol and drug use.

Community resources

Clark County offers alcohol and drug treatment services. See the program directory (PDF) for contact information for other community resources such as Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Helplines for alcohol abuse and addictions can be reached at 800-923-4357 (Oregon Alcohol & Drug Helpline) or 800-662-4357 (National Alcohol & Drug Helpline).